Why should you use Chill?

Safest & affordable way aroundSerious security background checks Every ‘Chill’ driver is thoroughly screened before they are allowed to drive. The criminal background check is seriously done. Chill rejects and disqualifies driver applicants for sexual offence, violent crime(s), felony and drug related convictions that appear on a background check.
Vehicle standard(s)Chill vehicles must be any make and model aged 1997 or newer. We also have a minimum age requirement of 18 years and older for all approved drivers.
Zero Tolerance PolicyChill seriously maintain a zero tolerance alcohol and drug policy. We highly encourage our customers and patrons to immediately report suspicions of intoxicant use by a Chill driver by e-mailing us at info@chilll.ca.

Our Services

At the moment, we have three unique services. More services will be added in the near future.

The hard truth is that in the event that you need to keep an eye on SMS messages, tune in on calls, and take pictures distantly without being identified, you will require a decent spyware application.here One that is imperceptible and untraceable consistently.
Chill Regular

Our first type of service is called Chill Regular

Chill SUV

Our second type of service is called Chill Special

Chill Special

Our third type of service is called Chill SUV.

Latest Posts

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Chill Driver

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